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Welcome to Fastserv Travels! Below are the tour packages we offer around New Delhi. All of our day tours aim to provide fun, authentic experiences around our city. We are waiting, let’s go!


Day 1

Lodi’s Tomb The tombs are in the midst of the famed Lodi’s Gardens and is believed to have been built by rulers of two Dynasties, the Sayyaids and the Lodhi’s . History has it that the tombs are remainants of another city that was sought to be built in Delhi. Dilli Haat The Dilli Haat, located opposite the INA Market , is a project jointly set up by the New Delhi Municipal Council and Delhi Tourism. All kind of goods made by artisans are displayed at regular intervals during the year. There are also permanent shops reflecting the kind of goods made in various states of the country. Those interested in folk art could find this spot a real entertainer. Humayun Tomb Humanyun Tomb was built in the 16th century. As the tomb represents a typical example of Mughal architecture, it is one of the most beautiful and stunning structures of the world. The exotic tomb is ornamented with geometrical patterns, which makes it highly respectable and irresistible. High arches also make it more worthwhile and significant. This tomb, which as built by emperor Humanyun’s wife, took eight years to complete. The emperor’s wife Begai Begum was buried in the tomb and the structure is first of its kind built in the center of a well – planned garden. The combination of white marble and red sand stone was a great influence on later Mughal architecture. It is generally regarded as a prototype of the famed Taj Mahal of Agra. Bahai Temple ( Lotus Temple ) The ruins of this fort are located on a small hill which once stood on the bank of the river Yamuna.Legend has it that the fort marked the site of Indraprastha ,the magnificent capital of the Pandavas, though the construction was carried out by Sher Shah Suri any time between 1538 to 1545 A. D. The structure houses a mosque which has a double storeyed octagonal tower. It is said that the Mughal King Humayun fell from the tower accidently and died. At the foot of the hill is the lake where the Delhi Tourism has arrangements for boating and also organises a Sound and Light Show.

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